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2MY-1C type laminating machine is suitable for tobacco seedling planting film mulching on ridge. The machine can be used in the use of four wheeled tractor (20 hp). With the film, film, soil, spraying (dosing barrels), and 2 kinds of functions such as fertilizer application.
1, structure: the machine consists of frame, barrel, air pump, medicine system, biofilm system, furrow soil system, fertilization system.
2, the working principle: through the rotating shaft of the tractor driven pump, pressure spraying, the film roll flat on both sides on the two hanging wheels, into the unit, and to be laid alleg center line to, before the operation, to pull out 20-50 cm mulch and compaction end and both sides of the, then the lamination wheel light pressure on both sides, can officially operating.
Performance features
Mainly machinery, tools used in the film according to the agronomic requirements of blanket in the mechanized technology of farmland on the ground. Has the following five major advantages:
1, the operating efficiency is higher, than the manual can improve 4-7 times;
2, the work quality is good, the film exhibition was flat, the paste was real, sealed tight, fixed reliable;
3, 0.5-1.0 kg per acre than the artificial plastic film;
4, operation cost per acre than artificially low.
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