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2ZBX-1 type transplanting machine suitable for film mulching on ridge after potted seedling planting. This machine can use 20-28 horsepower wheeled tractor use, has a hole, planting seedlings, fertilizing function of water.
1, technology unique. The machine transplanter (core) design and application of double offset disc four connecting rod rotary working principle, the seedling cup, finger of various structure forms, refers to the clip opening and closing through the linkage control. The dynamic rotation of the system is the same as the chain rotation.
2, advanced performance. Using this machine to complete the planting operation, the standard of field population growing trend in the field can be achieved. That reached a key link of the six consensus: "hole size, hole depth, planting seedlings of uniform depth, irrigating water and fertilization cave consistent, acupoint application. And completely solved the phenomenon of using the hand to grasp the implementation of the nest fat easy to burn the root of the seedlings.
3, the structure is novel. The machine is used for the adjustment of the cutter edge. As the main driving force of supporting wheel. Plant self into one.
4, economical and practical. The machine manufacturing cost is low, the use is widespread. A slight adjustment can be used in PE bowl seedling cultivation and more widely used in joint operation of the majority of farmers, farm of appropriate scale of production and paid contract farming operations. Is the key equipment to solve the problem of the cultivation of crops.
Rotary tillage ridging fertilizing machine

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