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1WF-1 dig hole fertilizer machine is the Shandong Spring Machinery Co., Ltd is a kind of auxiliary machine which is developed and produced in the four round. It can be carried out in the sand and soil, and in the middle of the hole. (sticky soil or weed with multiple plots will affect the operating results).
My company from 2012 began to develop the first generation prototype, after investigation, design, trial production and a large number of field experiments, the final design of the current models. In the research process, flue-cured tobacco, peanuts and other crops cultivated agronomic, and to solicit views of the agronomy experts, after in my city, part of the county in different regions, different geological conditions of trial and error. Finally, the production of stereotypes. In a large area in the production operation, the effect is very good, by the experts in agriculture, farmers, farmers and friends welcome friends.
Rotary tillage ridging fertilizing machine

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