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The new horizontal press

Zhayou machinery in the most simple operation, the high rate of oil, replacement of wearing parts are less, accounting for construction area of less of a press, the machine is mainly processing oil crop object for 6YY type hydraulic press machine is: peanut, soybean, rapeseed, walnut, pine (peeling effect is best), tea seed, sunflower seeds etc. oil crops.
1, mainly by the frame, oil tank, hydraulic station, manual valve, oil tank, reversing the stop switch, tray and electrical control parts.
2 working principle:
The machine is in accordance with the liquid static pressure transmission principle, to hydraulic oil as the pressure transfer medium, on the oil to squeeze and squeeze out the fat of a kind of oil equipment. It is composed of a hydraulic system and press machine body two composed of a closed loop system.
3, performance and characteristics
1 this machine has the advantages of small size, small occupation area, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy operation, low power consumption.
3 frame type pressure, external hydraulic station.
4 this machine belongs to the hydraulic machinery, with high pressure, high oil yield, squeeze the oil rich flavor, high quality cleaning etc..
5. The press except on a variety of plant oil press and can also in animal oil press, clay press, all kinds of chemical raw materials off oil, dewatering, removing juice, etc.
The new horizontal press

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