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1WG-6.3 Direct micro cultivator

Micro tillage machine driven by a power machine and a rotary cultivator composed, matched power is basic type diesel engine, gasoline engine, users can also according to the actual needs of auxiliary power less than the specified value of other types of diesel engine. The machine has the advantages of simple and compact structure, flexible operation, light weight, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, good by good and so on.
Applicable scope
The function satisfy Pingba, hilly and mountainous areas of the vast numbers of users, in the glebe, paddy field, tea garden, orchard, flower and vegetable greenhouses and other small plots of land area of rotary preparation and operation demand, according to production needs to choose different supporting equipment for field operations.
Working principle
The main diesel engine, hand, hood, gas, fuel tank, rotary tillage, rotary knife, tire cover, frame assembly.
Engine through a belt transmission, clutch the friction clutch, gear box is driven to rotate, rotary tillage knife, rotary blade axis is opener, ditching the fertilizing box fertilization and rotation of the cutter and cutting soil has good soil crushing performance, also have certain turning and mulching effect, can also be a variety of chemical fertilizer (such as fertilizer and green manure) evenly mixed with soil, completing the process of rotary tillage fertilization.
Transmission is a combination of straight teeth cylindrical gear drive type drive tire, the ring inside the brake
Steering mechanism for engagement sleeve type. Steering, pinch tight side to handle, by steering rod, steering arm, steering fork, fork steering gear, separating the co-author of the internal gear, to cut off on one side of the driving dynamics, micro tillage machine steering.
Direct micro cultivator

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